• Agricultural – grain dryers, confinement houses, shop heat
  • RV and Motor fuel refills
  • Grill tune-ups – house calls are available
  • We sell cylinders 5lbs and up!
  • Cylinder repair
  • Grill parts & repair
  • Propane equipment

Propane Services

Services We Offer

Contact Us: (319) 337-2034

  • Bulk fuel delivery – residential, commercial, and agricultural
  • Construction temp heat 
  • Installation of heating equipment
  • Conversion of appliances
  • Cylinder and tank refills
  • Exchange station and forklift fuel replacement
  • Heaters and heating equipment
  • Compliance and safety inspections

We have a vast selection of amazing propane services to choose from - no matter what you're looking for, we can get it done.

We treat every customer with the respect and professionalism that they deserve - to us, you're much more than a customer, you're family.